Hymns: The Harmony of Reunion

As music evolves more and more, hymns are starting to become a thing of the past. Churches - who at one point would ONLY sing hymns - are now (for the most part) barely ever singing hymns.

They have gone on to pleaze larger audiences with more modern styles of music.

Which is why hymns have become a thing of the past. Sort of like church art in churches. You just don't see much of it anymore.

I for one remember a time where each family would bring it's own hymn book to church. I remember the golden inscription on the black hymn book cover. It was magnificent.

Today, you barely hear hymns at weddings still, but will find a lot of hymns at funerals. Especially at open graves. Perhaps hymns are a source of comfort in times of sorrow? Or perhaps they remind us of a great afterlife?

Either way, hymns have a way of finding their way back into our lives when we go through deep emotional and spiritual valleys. They have a way to make people sing in harmony again - no matter how bitter the circumstances.

May hymns never lose their place in our lives!